Please dont buy this – Patagonia’s awesome initiative

patagoniaFurthering my Bag It blog, not only do we have a throw a bag away culture but also a disposable attitude to products we buy. We are entering a economic and resource constrained future and in the US 750kg per person of ‘waste’ is thrown away every year. Thats not only a lot of resources being thrown away but also a lot of money!

But how many of us know how to darn a sock anymore? Yes, some of it is lost skills. But some of it is designed obselesence. And some of it is products being designed so we cant replace batteries or parts. Individuals are starting to turn this around with inititatives like iFixit but what are companies doing about increasing the length of ownership of their products.

Well, Patagonia, an outdoor clothing retailer, have a new initiative called ‘Common Threads’. They are pledging to help you repair broken Patagonia items, help you find a new home for an unwanted Patagonia item and agree to take back their items at the end of its life.

A true integration of service and product. You are no longer buying a product from Patagonia you are entering into a service agreement with Patagonia. One that benefits you and the planet.

How could this approach change your thinking, how you consider the ownership of the products you use or even the service or product the company you work for produces?

3 Comments on “Please dont buy this – Patagonia’s awesome initiative”

  1. Totally agree-our washing machine stopped working- it is cheaper to buy a whole new machine than the one part that will make it work again- we need to push manufacturers to offer parts at a reduced/sensible price. The repair would also support a local tradesman.

    • Thanks for the comment Joanne

      There are so many things now that are cheaper to replace than repair. But then what happens to the repairable ones?

      There’s a great kids movie called Robots. It’s about an evil robot who runs a business and they want to stop robots repairing themselves because they can make more money with new robots. So to get robots to stop repairing themselves they came up with the strap line was “why be you, when you can be new”. Luckily the discarded robots who couldn’t afford the new option created a social activism group and beat the evil robots.

      If robots can speak up surely we can!

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