I am trying something new.

Versus will be a series of blogs that explore opposing but sometimes concurrent variables of our future. I will put versus in the blog title to differentiate them from other blogs.

It’s something we use a lot in our scenario planning work, usually in groups but I am hoping that in self reflecting in a blog on possible scenarios that it will help me and maybe others come to terms with future scenarios. And then working out what it is that I want to do to transform an industry.

If you haven’t come across scenario planning before Adam Kahane is one of the masters, and I was lucky enough to attend one of his training sessions in Sydney a few weeks ago. His new work looks at transformative scenario planning as opposed to adaptive scenario planning. Adaptive scenario planning looks at a future scenario in the light of – I know this is happening, I cant do anything about it, I just need to adapt and thrive. Transformative scenario planning looks at a future scenario in the light of – I’m not willing to accept this scenario, I’m not sure what I can do but I am wiling to take action if I can enrol others.

It’s going to be interesting, I hope you join in.

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