How we invented the world – how we rooted the world!

This is a shout out to the Discovery Channel to present the two sides to the “how we invented the world” series being shown in Australia at the moment. Sure our inventions have created untold wealth, improved health in developed countries, made us nice cars and tall buildings and and and. But how about presenting how invention has created untold damage to the environment, decreased health in developing countries, gas guzzling cars and sick buildings. Maybe presenting the other side of the story may stop us from infatuating with new stuff and focus on what we can do about the old stuff.

In true Australian lingo I would love to see a series from the Discovery Channel called “How we rooted the world”.

Just in case Discovery Channel is reading this please contact me, I would love to help you create it.

2 Comments on “How we invented the world – how we rooted the world!”

  1. This would be an interesting documentary for sure Simon. I think we sometimes like to pat ourselves on the back and say well done whilst turning a blind eye to the bigger picture and its after effects. Interesting title as well.

    • Thanks for the comment Dave and I know what you mean about congratulating ourselves for the good stuff while ignoring the bad stuff.

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