Balance and Moderation

I have spent the last decade trying to work out what food allergies or food intolerances make me feel like crap most of the time. First it was diagnosed as yeast and sugar, then lactose, then more recently gluten and now after blood tests it appears to be high GI foods – sugars, carbohydrates etc. I’m still not sure that it is this but i’ll give low GI a go for a while.

One bit of advice I got in starting down the low GI diet road was that you could balance a high GI food with a low GI food and end up with a medium GI food. Balance high impact with low impact to get a medium impact. It is also interesting that the large majority of high GI foods are those that are highly processed (white bread & white rice as an example) and that not only do these foods have high GI but also a high embodied carbon content.

At the same time I read a post from a cool canadian dude from Lloyd Alter who has written about his word for 2013 – moderation. Being originally a mechanical engineer I particularly liked this quote in his post from Steve Mouzon “because we are too lazy to put on a sweater or take off a jacket, we have let the thermostat and the mechanical engineer behind it change the way we make buildings.”

It struck me that balance and moderation are words that would help us not only in our daily lives as both Lloyd and my doctor pointed out, but also in our approach to living on our One Planet. If we can live with moderation, and balance our high impacts with low impacts then we will all benefit. Our lives would be more healthy, less resources would be used and more connection to our planet might result.

What high impacts do you need to moderate and balance out in 2013?

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