Making sure we are comfortable without the need for air conditioning

Computer processing power, open source design and some blimin clever people now mean we can predict and proactively design for thermal comfort in indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor environments in about a third of the time it took us in 2005.

This means that we can now provide analysis, feedback and alternative designs within the design timeframes of masterplanning communities or mixed use developments.

We can make sure when houses are designed to allow for natural ventilation through wind driven airflow that it won’t be impacted by surrounding buildings.


We can make sure that hot spots from lack of airflow or urban heat island are avoided and designed out in our densely packed suburban developments.


We can use historic weather data to accurately analyze the percentage of the year that thermal comfort can be achieved without the need for air conditioning to make sure that correct value judgements are made in designing our built environment.

As a mechanical engineer behind the thermostat we now have the computing power, software and passion to design our built environment to minimize the need for air conditioning – so why is the default brief always “air conditioned to 22.5 degC +/- 1.5 degC”?

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