Bush fires, Carbon and Coca Cola

A great article from Philip Gibbons, Australian National University on the awesome website The Conversation. The article explored the accuracy of a recent quote from the acting Opposition Leader, Warren Truss.

“Indeed I guess there’ll be more CO2 emissions from these fires than there will be from coal-fired power stations for decades.” – acting Opposition leader, Warren Truss, January 9, 2013

In the article Philip tested the validity of the statement and calculated that the emissions from the bushfires so far this year amounted to nearly 4 million tonnes of CO2, when compared to the emissions from coal fired power stations in Australia of 200 million tonnes of CO2 bushfires have accounted for roughly 2% not decades worth of…. nuff said.

But this got me thinking, what would the bushfires be the equivalent of? Well here is some food for thought, the bushfires were

  • The equivalent of 15 days of emissions from Australian agriculture
  • About 10% of the annual emissions from car travel in Australia
  • The equivalent of the annual emissions from hot water heating in Australian homes
  • About 2/3 rds of the annual emissions from air travel in Australia
  • The equivalent of 5 years operation of all the lifts in Australian office buildings
  • Less than the 5.2 Million Tonnes CO2 emissions associated with the global production of 130 billion litres of Coca Cola every year (ref)

The knowledge of carbon emissions from different sectors, industry and products is so available now that we shouldn’t be being misled by people in positions of power.

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