Collaborative Occupancy

Another great initiative using collaborative models of engagement, this time in office and meetings spaces.

Australian property group GPT have invested in liquidspace a US start up that connects people with space. It shows a continuing trend of companies moving from products and things to service providers – from owning buildings to investing in the service of providing office space.

See the article at the awesome Australian website for sustainable property news The Fifth Estate

The main focus of anything to do with the Collaborative movement is to share more, use less and reduce our impact on the environment. Through the Collaborative Occupancy movement we will need less buildings, use less energy and also by nature of being in different communities collaborate more in our work. Sounds awesome.

What is there in your life that you could collaborate with others for? Do you need to own everything you use? Could you share with likely minded people? Maybe there is something you own that you could share with others and maybe make some money from?

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