Innovation is…

We often get asked when working on a new building ‘what’s new, what innovations are there at the moment’. We here news stories and read articles on the latest geoengineering solution that is going to save us all, or a new biomimicry invention that will solve our finite resource problems.

When you start to dig around sustainability, energy efficiency, resource use and the other issues facing our planet it soon becomes clear that it is in fact the demand side not the supply side that needs fixing – what we consume, not how the products are built or operate. The impact equation is one of the great ways to understand this.

We only have so many resources to use, our ecological capacity is running out. We have passed many peaks and face many more – peak water, peak phosphorus, peak soil capacity. E F Schumacher sums it up well “infinite growth in a material world is an impossibility”.

Innovation is not then how we create something its how we avoid the need to create something, innovation means cutting out the unnecessary.

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