Another one bites the dust – mitigation to adaptation

In a recent article on Climate Spectator, Ziggy Switkowski a self proclaimed climate change believer strongly suggested that maybe we need to focus on adaptation rather than mitigation. Ziggy joins a number of significant thought leaders around the world who are leaning towards a focus on adaptation, my recent post of Germany’s redirection being one significant example.

In a fairly revealing article Ziggy poses some honest questions about whether a continued drive on mitigation will make any difference to the increasing number of days above 30 degrees in Australia. Will a higher carbon tax reduce the number of bush fires every year? Ziggy claims “Unfortunately, these will have absolutely no effect upon Tasmania’s climate and weather and propensity for bushfires.”

I’m not sure that his view of “temperature data show flat global averages over the past 15 years even as greenhouse gas emissions have increased every year to new record levels.” since global average monthly temperatures have been above average for the last 28 years, but he does say he believes in climate change.

So what should we be doing? Well Ziggy suggests that “Our emergency response systems, resources and technology, aid agencies and the management of casualties, must be of the highest quality as they will be tested by more fierce heatwaves, fires, storms and floods in the future. A warming climate will inevitably bring higher costs to any society that wants to maintain its existing lifestyles.” But don’t let the fact that he is Chairman of a large insurance company escape you.

One of his final comments is well said and should be well headed “Society must adapt at least as fast as the climate changes.”

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