The air shower, great invention but is it tackling the right water users?

Makes me proud to see inventions from Australia (and NZ). Found this one on, the Oxijet nozzle has been developed by New Zealand firm Felton in conjunction with CSIRO.

The Oxijet nozzle is designed to entrain air into the water stream creating a powerful shower with considerably less water. Good news in times of water shortages.



Being a bit of a treehugger myself I have to admit that I struggle with the low water flow shower heads, especially when the flow of water from them is so useless that you end up showering twice as long as you would with a normal shower head. So if this one does what is says on the tin then happy days.


I think we need to focus on our greatest water uses. In Australia according to the ABS we used 51% of our water in agriculture and the next highest being the water supply, sewerage and drainage services for the Industry and Household sectors at 14%. Of which showers is probably a very small proportion!

One example to illustrate the importance of understanding the big picture. When thinking about which shower head to buy, think about the fact a big mac meal consumes in its production the equivalent water used in about 6 months of showers. So you would have the equivalent water conservation impact by eating one less big mac meal every 3 years as you would going from a normal shower head to an ultra low flow shower head.

Now I don’t eat maccers but you can imagine a food with a similar impact – steak and chips, beef casserole etc etc. So switching one processed meat based meal to a vegetarian meal every 6 months will probably save the same amount of water as a low flow shower head.

Strange but true.

So maybe we need inventions in the food industry, the agricultural sector and don’t forget the good old meaning of innovation – cutting out the unnecessary. Maybe the convenience of fast food is unnecessary?

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