Maybe they know something we don’t!

A 2003 global inventory of flora and fauna from across the globe found that “on average plants and animals are shifting their  ranges about six kilometres towards the poles and six metres higher in elevation every decade.”

“Over the past thirty years phonological cycles – the annual rhythm of plant flowering, bird migrations, birthing babies and so on – have shifted earlier in spring by more than four hours per decade!”

“If these numbers don’t sound scary, they should. Imagine your lawn crawling north or south, away from your home at a speed of five and a half foot every day. Or that your birthday arrives ten hours sooner each year. Thats how fast these biological shifts are happening.”  Source The World in 2050 – Laurence C. Smith 

And we are still arguing about which fuel source is better, whether solar can provide base load energy, and that we don’t want climate mitigation to impact our lifestyle.

Forget it – the rest of the animal and plant kingdom is already in adaptation mode. They have already given up on us doing any mitigation they are literally running towards the poles!

Maybe we know what they know, but they are actually doing something about it!

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