Parisians see the light, but not between 1am and 7am

While we see TV screens being fitted to rubbish bins in London, Paris is taking steps in the right direction. Starting in July 2013 all shops, offices, public buildings will be legally required to turn off their internal and external lights. Street lights will of course be left on.

It has been reported as both a negative and a positive. A negative from the retail community saying that their business will be impacted – don’t know who does window shopping between 1am and 7am!

A positive because its a big step in the right direction. Yes it may only be 10% of France’s lighting energy consumption but what about if it sets a precedent for the rest of the world? How many times have you looked at an office building in the city and thought why are its lights on at 3am?

This one is definitely innovative – removing the unnecessary waste of lights being left on at night when they shouldn’t be. One for the City of Sydney I think.


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