Queensland Government appoints a Minister for Resilience

I doubt that it will be linked to anthropogenic climate change or go as far as calling it man-made disasters but the appointment of a Minister in Queensland to deal specifically with resilience to ‘natural’ disasters is another significant step towards adaptation rather than mitigation.

Its a positive for all those in Queensland affected by the flooding, as Premier Newman announced he hopes “Mr Crisafulli will work with communities at the grass roots level to not only recover from this latest disaster but also to look at simple, practical, cost effective and local solutions to minimise the impact of future disasters”.

But it is another step in the direction of adaptation over mitigation. Premier Newman went on to say “The cost of expanding mitigation projects state-wide will be high, but a failure to act and the cost of just ‘repairing’ damaged infrastructure year in year out will be much higher”. But Premier Newman meant mitigation in the sense of mitigating the impact of the effect of the disaster not mitigating the cause.

Maybe if the Premier Newman said the statement in the sense of mitigating the cause rather than mitigating the impact of the effect, we wouldn’t have to have a Minister for Resilience. Maybe we should have a Minister for Mitigation?

In summing up Premier Newman said “Building up Queensland’s resilience to natural disasters will be a monumental task, but it is challenge we can’t afford to ignore any longer”.

If only he saw the cause and not the effect as the problem!

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