Sunday Morning – Disruptive Deepwater Energy Technology

Now this is awesome, well for an engineer anyway. Just the images on their own are great – its like a giant meccano set or an elaborate scale model, love it. But this could also be disruptive.


credit: Siemens AG

German engineering firm  Siemens  have invested heavily into renewable energy technologies, and their latest investment the “Sea Installer” can install 6MW wind turbines offshore in a water depth of 45 meters.

The self-lifting (yep self lifting, awesome) installs the 154m long wind turbines in the roughest of seas – including the foundations, towers, nacelles and rotor blades for upto 10 wind turbines.

I want one. has some more images if your a nerd like me.

3 Comments on “Sunday Morning – Disruptive Deepwater Energy Technology

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