More snow doesn’t mean global warming isn’t real

The recent blizzard in North East America has been used be climate change denialists to prove that global warming isn’t real – it’s obvious really, how can we get more snow if the planet is warming, warming means less cold weather and therefore less snow. Right?

Not really.

We need to look at the severity of the storms. Just like Hurricane Sandy and our recent flooding in Australia, a warmer planet means more water evaporates into the atmosphere and warmer air holds more moisture. “This results in air that becomes super-saturated with water, often bringing drenching rainfall followed by flooding or – if it is cold enough – heavy and intense snowfall”, from Climate Spectator’s recent article on the subject.

Credit: Twitter via Matt Meister.

So yes the recent snow blizzard in NE America dumped as much snow as the 1978 blizzard in the same area, the difference with this blizzard is that it dumped the same amount of snow that fell over 3 days in 1978 in only 3 hours. It contained hurricane level winds and caused coastal flooding on the east and north-east costs. Read more here.

The resultant water levels of the 2010 and 2013 Queensland floods have been exceeded in earlier times, but the intensity of the rainfall and the resultant speed of the flooding is far greater now than in the past. The same amount of rain fell in the past, but now it falls in a much short space of time.

The number of and the intensity of these types of severe weather events are and will continue to increase in the years to come.

If you want to read some climate change denialists views, check out the comments at the bottom of the climate spectator article – they are hanging on to their engrained beliefs.

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