Sunday Morning – disruptive shipping technology

It invokes the romanticism of yesteryear with intrepid global explorers discovering new lands in sailing ships but this could be what we might see when we look out to sea at our ports around the world.

Once again, thank you to for finding this one, it looks awesome.


© Dykstra

“Dutch company Dykstra is designing a new iteration of sail-powered ship, using old sailing knowledge and new sailing technology. The Ecoliner is scheduled to be ready next year, in 2013.”

Now, the carbon impact of shipping a tonne of stuff via the oceans is some 10 times less per km than trucking stuff via road so yes we should be focusing on reducing the road miles of the stuff we consume rather than the impact of shipping but the other environmental impacts of diesel shipping containers is huge and this awesome.

What an amazing site this would be with 11 of these Ecoliners off the coast of Newcastle rather than the diesel ones you see below at the moment.


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