Sunday Morning – Disruptive Big Data Technology

This isn’t a specific technology as such but more of a disruptive trend, and this one is BIG. The availability of data, the transparency of organizations and the curiosity of people is driving a trend towards understanding and sometimes exposing the interconnected world we live in.

A recent example is from, that looks at Apple’s recently released updated list of suppliers and produced an interactive map.


Chinafile noted that “Neither China watchers nor Apple watchers will be particularly surprised to note that the vast majority of Apple suppliers happen to be in Asia. In fact, out of the 748 listed, more than 600 are in Asia. Of these, 331 suppliers are in mainland China.”

Five years ago this map couldn’t have been generated, people wouldn’t know how and where a product comes from and as Apple have committed to more of their products being manufactured in America this element of Big Data enables transparent reporting of their commitment to be analysed.

The data is out there. What data would you want and how would you use it?

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