“Is it powered by coal and steam?” – The irony of the intel ad!

20130302-091631.jpgI love funny adverts and this one made me laugh not just at the advert but at the irony of a statement made when its pretending to be in the 1800s. The ad makes a play on the fact that the guy next to the leading lady has a “very old tech” laptop and the leading ladies converts from a latptop into a tablet.

In the opening scene they are sat at a London tube station, as the train approaches she gets up from her seat and closes the laptop to reveal a tablet so she can keep reading her fashion magazine. As the camera pulls back the tube train becomes an old steam train, everyone is dressed in victorian costume and speaks with a quintessential victorian ‘larnden’ accent.

A policeman says “alright, settle down, what’s all this then”, love it. And the supporting actor says its a laptop convertible, “crikey” says a street urchin – very Charles Dickensish. Then a chimney sweep says “is it powered by coal and steam?” and the leading lady says “no its powered by intel”.

Now, in my version she should say “yes it is powered by coal and steam, even though we have spent a lot of money improving our lifestyle technology since the 1800s we are still using the power station technology that you invented you 1886”.

And the street urchin would say “crikey, you’re in a bit of a two and eight aren’t ya”.

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