How to be Green – BMWs solution to electric car range anxiety

FLYING DEUCES, THERange anxiety is apparently a common fear in electric car purchasing decisions – “what happens if I run out of charge before I get there”. Or a more common concern is – yes I would drive an electric car but what happens when I have to drive to visit a relative outside of the electric car range.

The second one is understandable. What do you do when you need to travel a distance longer than the range of an BEV? It would seem off putting to have to hire a car for those trips? Well, BMW has the answer.

As part of its development of BMWs electric cars (an electric Mini and an i3 coupe) they have done reasearch into how many trips are further than the BEV range of about 80-100kms – they found that on average 1 in 10 trips is outside a BEV range.

BMWs solution for the 1 in 10 trips is to provide a petrol loan car. No details have been released in terms of whether its part of the purchase of a BEV or a monthly contract or a single trip cost. “We offer you a fallback solution in case you purchase this car and then need to go on a 500-mile trip,” says Rolf Stromberger, BMW’s vice president of business environment and public affairs strategy. A good marketing spin for sure.

The demand seems to be there for electric cars, but maybe not the infrastructure (especially with Better Place pulling out of Australia). A petrol loan car could be the solution we need for a transition from full dependency of petrol to a proper common infrastrucutre for electric cars.

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