Sunday Morning Disruptive Technology – Google Public Data

google public dataBig data is awesome, and its even more awesome if its freely available, easy to visualise and quick to access – enter Google Public Data.

Now, I may be a bit behind the times with this one but I have only recently stumbled across Google Public Data and I like what I see.

It has all the information available that gap minder does (maybe google owns gap minder now!), anyway you can select your parameter you want to look at, the countries you want to compare and voila.

Energy use per person

energy per capita

Developed countries like Australia, Singapore and the US consume over twice the world average!

Fossil Fuel Energy Use as a Percentage of Total 

fossil fuel percentage

Australia uses 94% fossil fuels in its energy use, the US is 84% and the world average is 80%. So why is Australia so bad?

I hope that the availability and ease of use of things like google public data enable everyone to ask these sorts of questions, and in turn feel informed enough to be able to ask their local members of parliament why Australia is 10% worse than the US and 14% worse than the world average when our tax income as a percentage of GDP is 10% greater than world average.

Have a look at health, education, economic, infrastructure, public spending, government debt. Fascinating!

Thanks Google

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