Support Pollinate Energy’s crowdfunding campaign and fund 5 franchises to provide solar lights to India’s slums

PrintPollinate Energy is a not-for-profit social business providing solar lights to urban slums in India.
Today they are launching their first crowdfunding campaign on ChipIn!
The campaign is to help support the start-up of 5 new franchises, helping Pollinate Energy to expand to 5 new regions in Bangalore, serving approximately 100 new communities and over 5000 individuals currently living in energy poverty.

In recognition of your help, Pollinate Energy have some great giveaways based in how much you contribute. These include your very own solar powered light, which will allow you to light up a part of your home or garden and remind you of the families which you have provided light to. To claim these perks click the bubbles down the right hand side.

Please go to ChipIn to learn more and support the campaign!

You can also spread the word about our campaign by clicking these links to share on facebook or on twitter

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