Sunday Morning Disruptive Technology – Ecotrinsic Building Performance

ecotrinsicIn the interest of full disclosure I have to say that this is a Cundall initiative and an awesome one at that.

Ecotrinsic is an online tool that provides the intrinsic ecological performance of office buildings across Australia. It allows buildings owners and building tenants to investigate the performance of their own building as well as comparing their building to their competitors.

In addition Ecotrinsic allows building owners to compare their complete portfolio performance to their competitors portfolios. As well as breaking down their comparative performance by state, NLA or postcode.

For tenants that are looking for their next office Ecotrinsic allows a tenant to find offices within their desired location easily filtered by Nabers rating. Once a tenant has found their shortlisted buildings Ecotrinsic allows you to compare the shortlist in terms of energy, star rating and emissions.

portfolio report bldgs4

In the not so distant future Ecotrinsic will increase it’s intrinsic ecological performance fields.

Please visit for more information.

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