There is hope in our children

20130421-215606.jpg I brought the kids a DVD at the weekend and as we were on our way home my eldest daughter turned around to me and said “Dad, why is this wrapped in plastic when it already has a plastic cover, why does it need two covers?”. After being amazed at her observation, I said “I don’t know, when I was younger we didn’t wrap stuff in plastic”, wow I am starting to turn into a father!

Anyway, the conversation continued. I talked about how a lot of things are made of plastic, the car we were driving in, the DVD case and the DVD itself. And my eldest said “why are so many things made of plastic, isn’t it bad for the environment?” It is I said, we have to use oil to make plastic, and to run cars she said! The daughter of a treehugger. I love her dearly.

Things went quiet for a bit.

And then she said “Dad, why don’t we just ban plastic.” She’s nine.

I couldn’t answer that one but it gave me hope.

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