How to be green – in Singapore

2013-04-23 13.38.51Singapore is a hot humid climate, year round. So everywhere must be air conditioned, right? No, not right.

This open air foodcourt is at the bottom of a carpark. Even better is that it’s not an out of town area, this is right next to One Raffles Place, in the main financial district.

I can’t tell if it is adaptive reuse or if it was built this way but my perennial optimism says that it is and if it has been converted from two levels of car park to two levels of food court. I love it even more.

I have had lunch with our Singapore team at this open air food court for the last two days and its been 30 degrees with 70% humidity. And guess what, its very comfortable.

The first step – make the surrounding environment a bit cooler my planting trees and extensive landscaping in the street.

The second step – don’t bother with windows, they just hinder airflow and besides it never gets cold enough to need windows in Singapore.

2013-04-23 14.56.25

The third step – high spaces, thermal mass and the most important aspect air movement. In this case assisted by electric fans.

2013-04-23 13.40.03

The concept works well, the rent is cheap, the outgoings are cheap and the result is you can get a big plate chicken rice for $4.50.

You are only there for 15 mins, you eat your lunch and leave. So suck it up and tolerate the heat for that short time.

The more places and spaces we have like these around the world the less wasted energy we will use to overcome our delicate little bodies that cant tolerate heat or cold anymore.

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