What we eat in a week – photos from around the world

usa weekA fascinating photographic look at the food consumption of people around the world, from Australia to Chad.

A few things that I found fascinating.

The amount of processed food varies considerably between developed and developing nations. Compare the USA overload of processed food to that of Turkey.

Or the amount of red meat in the Australian photo compared to other developed countries such as Germany or France!

aus week

Or the amount soft drink lined up at the back of the Mexican photo.

Or just the shear difference in the quantity of food between Chad and the rest of the world.

chad week

See it as guilt, or see it as a future vision of how to live a healthier life with a lower impact on the environment. Either way it is fascinating.

Thanks to Louise Rhodes of Metcash for finding it.

6 Comments on “What we eat in a week – photos from around the world”

  1. i’m struck by the different amounts of fresh fruit and veg in the photos.
    oh and the single bottle of red in the english home.

  2. I had similar thoughts Simon. All that packaging! Some of the families don’t look happy despite their bounty. None of them matched what my household buys (much more wine! amongst other differences) but I felt greater affinity with Turkey & India

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