How to promote green – display it on the product

20130506-204735.jpg A recent research study from the US asked a whole load of American consumers about the purchasing habits in relation to the environment. It’s a great research document from Cone Communications and a summary can be downloaded for free.

It covers great questions and gives some unique insight into consumer preferences like “nearly all respondents (85%) want companies to educate them on how to properly use and dispose of products”. And “They’re buying with the environment in mind, but they rely on companies to provide access and education to truly ‘close the loop'”.

In the same vein they found that “almost three-quarters (71%) of consumers wish companies would do a better job helping them understand environmental terms”.

They quizzed the respondents on how they would like to receive this ‘education’ and they found that “consumers are primarily looking on the product itself, signaling prime real estate for companies looking to communicate important environmental information”.

So maybe we aren’t making the most of this in the built environment.

We produce Building User Guides and sometime have displays of energy use in foyers, but perhaps we should take this to the next level.

Perhaps the visitors and tenants want to know more, or be taught about how they could use the building in the right way, or even dispose of the building in the right way!

How could buildings help consumers understand the environment?

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