Sea level rise infographic from the US

A great article from co-exist about some work that the Union of Concerned Scientists have produced.


They have presented some facts about current sea level rise from 1880 for various costal cities in the US, and they vary from 4 inches to 46 inches.

It reminds me of watching a presentation about climate change at a conference in Shanghai about 4 years ago where the presenter was asked a question at the end, “if we are to expect a 1 meter sea level rise across the globe will it be the same 1 meter in all parts of the world or will there be a difference?”. “Well”, said the presenter, “the oceans are made up of one body of water, so it would be physically impossible for their to be different amounts of sea level rise around the world”. Oh my god I thought. Luckily he was only pretending to be an expert, I just hope the other 100 people in the room didn’t believe him either.

Anyway, back to the story. So the series of infographics are extremely good at communicating the current levels, the reasons why, the fact that it is accelerating and the impact the choices we make will have.


It’s worth a read. And also worth pushing out to those that might still be in denial.

And no, not all sea level rise will be the same around the world.

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