10,000 hits and top 10 posts

20130515-215506.jpg I started blogging just under 6 months ago, in that time I have published 136 posts and managed to get over 10,000 hits so I wondered which posts got the most hits. There was a couple of surprises in there.

Here’s the Top 10

1. Is it powered by coal and steam? – The irony of the intel ad
This was the first surprise. I thought it was just me that saw irony in the suggestion that coal and steam was old technology when we are still using the same technology after 100 years. It’s amazing how many hits I get from a google search for the term ‘powered by coal and seam ad’.

2. Wind turbines in buildings – is venturi the answer?
I get quite a few hits to this one from people searching for ‘invelox scam”. I don’t know what the score is but there is comment on the post claiming its a scam!

3. Green ratings survey what’s the point – Survey Results
A good number of hits for this one during the first few weeks of the post but not much after that. I think it had a good level of interest as it was topical during Green Cities.

4. The most efficient air conditioning system is one that’s turned off
Quite pleased about getting a number 4 for this one, it’s a post about how often we turn the air conditioning off in our Sydney office. It got shared a fair bit on linkedin as well.

5. Water footprint showers versus red meat, which would you choose?
A personal mission of mine is to provide data to allow people to make informed sustainable decisions, one of those was to highlight the difference in water consumption between water saving shower heads and a reduction in red meat.

6. China coal, mind the gap and future global energy use
I was trying to counter some of the “look how bad they are, please don’t look at us” coverage in the media at the time. Classic case of ‘people in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones”.

7. Every architect should have one of these
I was in Hassell’s sydney office recently in a meeting room with a 3D printer chugging away in the room next to us, which was cool, but what every architect should have is a Filabot which turns waste plastic into the filament that the 3D printers need – now that’s awesome.

8. Tri Harder Part 1 – Electricity generation carbon intensity
This was the first post in a series on trigeneration in Australia, it caused a few stirs and generated a series of seminars in Sydney and Melbourne. It’s still a hot topic.

9. Green Cities – calculating the value of trees
This one was cool, a study from the US put a dollar value on trees in cities. We should place a greater value on our ecological system and then maybe we would protect it more.

10. What we eat in a week – photos from around the world
Not just the amount of food, but the difference in the type of food was a real eye opener on this post. What was also amusing was seeing it appear on The Project on TV three days after the post. I found it after a client found it, just shows how slow TV is compared to the internet.


It’s been an interesting and challenging six months, I wonder what will happen over the next 6 months.

2 Comments on “10,000 hits and top 10 posts”

  1. Simon, it’s a great blog. I enjoy reading it and am in awe of how prolific you are compared to my efforts. It was your blog that inspired me to start my Grumpy Dad site. Your number 10 was one of my favourites and I shared it with my network. Cheers Nathan

    • Thanks mate. Much appreciated. Its funny, the ones I thought were interesting when I wrote them weren’t the ones that other people found interesting.

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