Sunday Morning – Push through it, be the change


We tend to think about ‘whats our purpose in life’, ‘what am i doing this for’, ‘surely there is something more to this’ when things get hard.

Hard might come in the form of:

– I’ve been here before and I didn’t like it last time

– I’m bored 

– No one is looking after my interests

– Its unfair 

– I’m jealous 

– I’m better than they are.

The easy option is to complain, give up or just move on.  

The hardest but most rewarding option – push through it. Take responsibility for your own situation and be the change you want to see in others. 

Earn respect and receive recognition. Don’t demand respect and expect recognition.

Feel rewarded by your own actions and not demotivated by the action of others.

Show the way through.

How true this is for all aspects of our lives, especially dealing with climate change and the environment.

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