How to be sustainable – think like a ‘prepper’

20130523-174036.jpg There is a great and often amusing TV show on the National Geographic called Doomsday Preppers. It charts the actions that everyday Americans are going to ‘prepare’ for doomsday scenarios – hence the name ‘peppers’. It’s great because it gives some insight into human behavior to how we are willing to invest time and money to prepare for a future scenario, it’s often amusing because it just is, watch it and you will find out.

So how does it help us to be green?

Well, the ‘preppers’ have done their scenario planning exercise and have determined that a possible future scenario will cause unknown impact on their lives and they want to be prepared should that happen.

Now, I’m not advocating that as individuals, or as businesses or as government bodies that we should ‘prep’ for a doomsday scenario – although that make sense to some – but what I am suggesting is that we could benefit from the methodology.

We could live a sustainable life, or run a sustainable business (in the proper sense of sustainable) by using the ‘prepper’ methods. Envision what the possibles futures might be, review your current business in its ability to adapt to those possible futures and the prepare your business for the possible future outcomes.

Those possible future outcomes are endless – the most important thing is to use a filter to establish which ones have the greatest impact on your business.

Go on, think like a ‘prepper’ you never know what might happen!

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