Disruptive Tech Property Industry Impact – Mobile Internet

jponlineI posted yesterday on the McKinsey and Company 12 Disruptive Technologies and have decided to consider the impact of these technologies on our built environment.

The first up is Mobile Internet.

Not only will mobile internet be huge on our everyday lives but it has the potential to massively impact what we currently know as the property industry. For mobile internet read mobile lives.

As WiFi became more available and free in many places, the workplace shifted from needing to be connected to an Ethernet connection to anywhere where WiFi was available.

The current speed of mobile internet hasn’t quite got to the level where we can do most things without WiFi but it won’t be long before its competing with WiFi speeds. 4G is now common in most CBDs in Australia, even our 3G is more reliable and faster than before. Once the speed of mobile internet gets equivalent to WiFi speeds what we know as our workplace will change dramatically.

We have already seen the lines of our property industry being blurred by things like AirBnB and more recently with LiquidSpace, a GPT investment in Australia.

So a big disruption could be a shift in the financial models of our property industry, especially in the office type workplace, from a static desk or lease of floor area to a mobile focused function that has no lease of floor area business model!

Maybe the advent of high speed mobile working will shift our static models of office leasing to dynamic models of leasing connectivity or social interaction.

Maybe we will see a the current trend of activity based working (ABW) or agile working being adopted not just within the confines of an office fitout but on a broader scale across cities if not nations.

Maybe rather than just thinking about which desk you will work at you will think about which office building you will work at. Or maybe not even at an office building? Our Corenet workshop certainly indicated the start of non-office working.

The need to be tethered to a desk to perform our work is reducing with every incremental increase in mobile internet speed. We will eventually get to a point where mobile data speed will be equal to fixed data speed and at that point all bets are off as to what our workplace of the future will look like and how we pay for it.

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