Disruptive Tech Property Industry Impact – Advanced Robotics

20130529-204440.jpg Fifth in the series on the impact of the McKinsey and Company 12 disruptive technologies on the property industry, this time Advanced Robotics. The heart of many childhood dreams, the mere mention of robots conjures up all sorts of visions and pictures of cool robots doing awesome things – Andrea Susini has some amazing ones.

So how could advanced robotics change the property industry?

Probably the first that comes to mind would be Advanced Robots that perform facility management jobs. There are already some window cleaning robots out there, expensive but robotic. It won’t be long before we start to see cleaning robots in our buildings, ones that don’t need the lights on at night to clean offices – and then what would we complain about.

The second would be the safety benefit of using robots in construction. We could greatly reduce the deaths and injuries on construction sites through using Advanced Robotics.

One that would be awesome to watch would be a robot that automatically changes the performance of the facade of the building as the seasons change. In Sydney in the summer we need a low U-Value and good Shading Coefficient, in the mid-season we need high U-Value and good Shading Coefficient and in the winter we need high U-Value and average shading coefficient. Imagine a robot that automatically removes the outer piece of glass in the winter and mid-season, and then replaces it as summer kicks in. Now that would be cool.

Or how about a robot that painstakingly takes a building apart at the end of its life, one bolt at a time, separating out each element so it can be recycled or repurposed.

Or how about an evolution of the CNC machine that optimises raw material use.

So lets take advantage of robots not needing fresh air and light and use them to park our cars in basements and save carpark ventilation and lighting energy.

What else could robots do in our property industry?

Robots are awesome.

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