Disruptive Tech Property Industry Impact – Autonomous Vehicles

20130530-203715.jpg The sixth in the series on the impact of McKinsey and Company’s 12 disruptive technologies on the property industry, this one Autonomous Vehicles. Now this is definitely the stuff of school boy dreams, a car that drives itself.

So the technology is cool but how does it impact the property industry?

Its probably not as obvious some of the other ones in the series so far such as Advanced Robotics but the implications of autonomous cars could be just as huge.

Imagine what would happen to our workspace if autonomous cars take off. Not only are we likely to see the blurring of workplace with the advent of mobile internet but a self driving car is likely to extend the workplace to the car as well.

You could pack more into the day by being able to work on the way to meetings, or even have your meetings in the car!

Buildings would also need to adapt. Our car parks would need to communicate with our cars, letting them know where there is a spare space. Reserving one based on our smart phone automated booking system and direct the autonomous cars to the right place.

Maybe autonomous cars will greatly improve car sharing or pooling. After you have told your car your destination it will ask you along the way if you would mind picking up John Smith on the way, John is CEO of one of your clients and is going to a meeting around the corner from your destination. Your car has calculated that you will still get there on time so you say yes.

Although not obvious to our property industry like the Internet of Things, Autonomous Vehicles have a real chance of greatly disrupting our property industry in a negative way. In the same way as Mobile Internet will move us away a fixed desk model, autonomous cars will also move us away from the office through allowing us to work in our cars.

If we can work in our cars maybe we wont mind waiting in traffic which could have a huge negative result of more cars on the road, but if they are autonomous maybe traffic will flow more freely!

So although not obvious in its disruptive effect, Autonomous Vehicles could greatly impact our built environment.

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