How to be green – ask yourself what next, what now?

20130615-113412.jpg We get it drummed into us at an early age to complete our tasks – we get rewarded for finishing out homework or completing an exam. Being green doesn’t work like that.

Seth Godin

I get a lot of inspiration from Seth Godin’s books and from his blog, I recently starting reading “Whatcha gonna do with that duck?” a collection of his posts from the 2000’s. One of his posts that jumped out was titled ‘Done’ and he spoke about the need to move away from the task completion mindset, from the let someone else think for me mindset and into a proactive think for yourself mindset.

Seth is mainly involved in marketing and he describes is as the difference between “being in marketing and being a marketer”.

Being Green, not Being into Green

‘Being into Green’ means that you have changed your lightbulbs because someone told you to, changed your car because someone told you to, buy local food because someone told you to and then assuming thats it, job done and I’m now green. Its not.

‘Being Green’ is very different. Being green is asking yourself what next, what now. And asking yourself that everyday. Being green doesn’t stop, you can never complete the task. Accept it and keep moving.

2 Comments on “How to be green – ask yourself what next, what now?”

  1. Totally agree- my Gran used to say- Good better best, never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is best.

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