How to be Green – just start!

20130619-211705.jpg I’ve started running again, it’s been about 6 months so I’m a bit slowly than normal and normally I’m slow.

Anyway, as I was running / fast walking across the harbour bridge this morning I was overtaken by quite a few fit runners, you know the ones with the long socks, and I started thinking I don’t think I could ever get to that level of fitness. And it reminded me of something someone said to me recently about trying to be sustainable “sometimes the purists can put off those that aren’t doing anything, as in – I don’t think I could ever live my life that sustainably so why even bother with trying?”.

I wonder if that’s true?

When I saw people over taking me this morning I didn’t think ‘I don’t think I could ever be that fit so I might as well just stop running now’ I just thought I don’t think I could be that fit but at least I’ve made a start. I also thought you wouldn’t catch me running in those socks but thats a different matter.

So do those purist runners look at me when they run past and think ‘look at that unfit chubby fella trying to run over the harbour bridge’, I don’t know but I don’t think they do. Usually if you love your sport or passion you look at people starting out or giving it a go and think ‘awesome another possible convert’.

I certainly think that way when people tell me they changed their lightbulbs or bought eco-cleaning products. I say to them ‘that’s awesome good on you, nice work mate’.

So is it true? Do non-purists not start their journey because they don’t think they won’t get there?

No one can ever be truly sustainable, we are all hypocrites so a purist can’t really exist. So if you haven’t started because you think the purist option is not achievable, don’t worry there is always someone that can run faster or further than the guy that is ahead of you.

Just start!

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