Sunday Morning Disruptive Tech – Carpoolers in the bus lane

20130705-090341.jpg Now this isn’t new but the advent of the internet of things and smart technology should enable this to happen more transparently.

Most bus lanes, in most cities around the world move much faster during peak hour. So why not let car poolers or electric car owners use them.

One of the issues in the past has been how to monitor that the car that uses the bus lane has car poolers in it? Well, the technology we have now can enable this to happen.

We can check in online when we fly, most cars in Australia now have toll pass electronic tags, and we are now moving away from having registration stickers in our cars because number plate recognition is so much better.


When you set off in the morning on your way to work you pick up a couple of car poolers on the way from your smart GPS enabled device it automatically tells you where the car poolers live and delivers you new directions. As the car poolers get into the car, your smart GPS identifies them through their bluetooth or wifi request.

The smart GPS device then sends an update to the local roads and traffic authority to say that you are traveling with two car poolers and registers you as a bus lane approved car pooler for just that trip.

As you travel through the bus lane ID cameras it registers your tag and registration number and accepts the update as being car pool approved. If you travel on the bus lane without any car poolers on board you get a nice hefty fine in the post.

Technology will enable all those changes that haven’t happened because the cost of ‘policing’ the system to ensure people don’t abuse it. That cost is reduced with technology so let’s make the changes.

Sidenote – I’ve been on leave for a few days, back now.

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