Sunday Morning Disruptive Technology – Mobile versus Landlines

20130713-231443.jpg I read recently that Verizon in the US is asking residents that have had their landline service damaged by Hurricane Sandy if they would be ok to not have a landline replacement. Which when you think about the fact that 35.8% of the US households don’t have landlines anyway it makes sense.

It also makes sense when you think about the per person cost and environmental impact of landline infrastructure versus mobile infrastructure – if it costs less then typically the eco-footprint or carbon footprint is less. And Verison seemed to think it does cost less.

It has certainly enabled a greater social connection in developing countries and as importantly a greater connection to healthcare as well.

But one argument is in big storms the mobile network goes down because of failed power systems, but landlines stay live. Allowing disaster recovery and warning systems to occur even in power failure. Which is vitally important.

So the disruptive technology of ‘mobile only’ infrastructure potentially reduces the footprint cost of social connection but is it reliable enough for early warning and disaster recovery?

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