What colour is your building – Awesome Book

WCIYBThe first book produced by a Cundallite (someone working for Cundall) and it comes with lots of accolades.

With a forward from Sir David King the book provides a quantified and informal view to the total carbon footprint of our buildings.

Awesome book Dave, and the information contained in the appendices are second to none www.whatcolourisyourbuilding.com

All the authors royalties go to charity so please head to amazon to buy a copy.

‘What Colour Is Your Building? is an important and timely guide to help
us navigate the often misunderstood subject of energy use in and around
buildings. Debunking myths and providing a simple step by step guide to
measuring and minimising real energy use, this is essential reading.’
Paul King
CEO of UK Green Building Council

‘This book clearly sets out the importance of considering buildings in the round,
as a whole system. I’d make this compulsory reading for all ‘built environment’
students and certainly would encourage all practitioners with an interest in the
sustainability of buildings to put it at the top of their reading lists.’
Miles Keeping
Partner of Deloitte Real Estate and
Chairman of Investment Property Forum Sustainability Interest Group

‘Real performance is tied to better metrics and more transparency across every
dimension – energy, of course, but also water, waste, and materials. David’s
call to action rings true for anyone who sees better buildings and communities
as the cornerstones for a better future.’
s. richard fedrizzi
Chairman of World Green Building Council and
President, CEO & Founding Chair of U.S. Green Building Council

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