Sunday Morning Disruptive Technology – Whistlecar for Autonomous Cars

20130719-201536.jpg I wish I could say this was my idea but unfortunately a dude in the US came up with ‘whistlecar’ already – I love it.

One of McKinsey and Co 12 disruptive future trends was autonomous cars, which have the potential to disrupt almost any sector or industry you can think of.

Logistics – driverless trucks could greatly improve safety and reduce emissions.

Agriculture – driverless ag machines.

Commuting – driverless cars to pick you up anytime and anywhere.

And its this last one that whistlecar is targeting.

Netdensity describes it as “Like present-day car-sharing services or taxis, a whistlecar subscription would mean one car could serve the needs of many people, instead of remaining parked most of the day waiting for its one owner to return. Once you’re done with a car, it can drive off and serve someone else in the vicinity, drive to a charging station (if it’s electric), drive to a garage for service, or perhaps even deliver packages. When you can subscribe to an on-demand travel service available 24-7 (and eventually cheaper than owning a car), many people will choose not to own.”

Think about the resource productivity of something like whistlecar – the amount of people using the same car could be huge.

Watch out for this one, I think it will be huge.

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