Designing for Demographics – privacy solutions in open plan offices


Found this one on the awesome site, Smart Planet. The article features some solutions to the downsides of open plan workplace, describing open plan offices as a “not a one size fits all solution.”

“Open plan offices often ignore the benefits of solitude, especially in the creative and technical fields that require extended times of working alone. And let’s not forget the introverts who require more stretches of peace and quiet. Even in the quasi-open land of cubicles and pods, carving out a little space for privacy and a little time to think is difficult.”

I have blogged about future workplace a few times, and also feature Designing for Demographics in my workshops that I’ve run around the world.

Open plan offices are awesome for collaboration, social connection and increased productivity – most of the time. But we do need to design spaces to suit different demographics – age, culture and introverts.

So the solutions?

I love the Ostrich – it has benefits beyond solitude – facing a tricky situation at work? Stick your head in the proverbial sand or an ostrich – love it.



Not too sure what you can do once your in the giant lightshade, maybe just scream.



It does remind me of the Cone of Silence.


Jokes aside, dealing with the different demographics, different tasks and different introvert levels is an important consideration for our open plan workplaces.

What other ways could we deal with it?


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