Internet of Things – Stick-N-Find is just the start

20130724-074650.jpg The ‘internet of things’ is set to change the way we see and interact with the world and Stick-N-Find is just the start.

I blogged a while ago about the McKinsey 12 disruptive technologies and ‘the internet of things‘ was one of those 12. It has the potential to greatly disrupt the property industry.

Back to Stick-N-Find.

A great device about the size of a 50c piece that is designed to help you never lose your keys, wallet, or even pet again. You can stick it to pretty much anything you want.

Stick-N-Find operates using bluetooth and connects to your smart device so you can use the ‘radar’ function of the app to find the thing you have lost.

Stick-N-Find was crowdfunded through indiegogo – the power of the internet paid for the device to get to market. It has so far shipped over 300,000 units across the world.

They have also produced a SDK for the app and device so you can pretty much programme it to do whatever you want it to – as long as its within 100 feet of a bluetooth receiver.

What’s Next?

The possibilities are endless in the property industry.

A baker in the US uses Stick-N-Find to do inventory checking. Imagine what you could do with Stick-N-Find in an office. It’s a fairly cheap way of analysing the productivity of your office space. You could stick them to your employees security tags (with permission) to see what spaces are used the most, how often meeting rooms are used, are breakout spaces used as much as we think they are, and how many breaks people take a day!

But how about if temperature sensors, mood sensors or microphones were embedded within the Stick-N-Find? How much more information could you grab with these things? The mind boggles.

It is definitely in the realms of big brother but as the importance of the productivity of our resource use is more and more understood, the internet of things and these sorts of devices become more and more important.

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