Sunday Morning Disruptive Technology – Bike Sharing Mapping

20130728-085104.jpg Bit of a combination this one – the disruption of bike sharing and the internet of things. Found an article on the awesome co-exist site about a guy in the UK who has used the internet of things to map in real time the use of bike sharing around the world.

It’s a great site and shows the power of the internet of things that enables us to collect and compare initiatives from our own homes without ever leaving or speaking to someone in another country.

The site and data shows how bike sharing has taken off around the world – its a real example of resource productivity, more output for the same input, more people using one bike.

I was in London a couple of weeks ago and I would make a rough estimate that 1 in 10 push bikes that you see being used for commuting is a ‘boris bike’.


It hasn’t taken off in the same way in Australia, Melbourne has the greatest uptake and it’s pretty sparse.


So what are the reasons? Lack of bike lanes, regulations on helmet use, cultural, too hilly in Sydney?

What do you think the reasons are?

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