How to be green – resource productivity in action on sydney trains

20130809-085023.jpg I saw one of ‘adapted’ train carriages on my train ride from the city back to my office this week – resource productivity in action.

Having started my career in London and commuted on the tubes for 5 years, I have still yet to come across a packed train in Sydney, no matter what time of day you travel. On the tube you literally have to force yourself in, and thats after you’ve not been able to get on the first two tubes and waited patiently to get to the front of the mob. But apparently Sydney trains are packed to the rafters. Anyway.

The current / original train carriage in Sydney has 3 seats, a corridor and then two seats AND they are double deckers. The priority to seating doesn’t leave much room for standing – literally a single line of standing commuters in the corridor gap between the seats.

The result is the number of people that the train can carry is limited – the productivity of the resources used in making and operating the train isn’t being maximised.

Resource Productivity = Cost or Impact of Resource / Number of People using it.

City Rail, or whatever they are called now, are trialling a new carriage design – take out the row of three seats and replace it with a bench seat. Much more standing room and therefore more people can travel on one train. Awesome.

The result is an increase in the productivity of the resource being used. Awesome.

Oh, and yes it also generates more money for City Rail. Awesome.

The overall result – the cost of train carriage reduces, the train uses less resources to make, the ‘sustainability’ of the train increase AND the revenue increases.

If being ‘sustainable’ costs you more money, you are doing it wrong.

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