Musicians could be the answer to big data – love you awesome nerds!

20130813-085923.jpg Big data equals big opportunities for sustainable organisations in the future – and its not that too distant a future either. But according to recent reports there is a skills gap in dealing with big data. So are musicians that answer?

A recent article on the awesome Smart Planet website talked about how big data will create job growth for non-data professionals. They put a figure of 140,000 people shortage, just in the US – “John Platt recently observed that the gap in demand and big data skills is huge: the U.S. alone faces a shortfall of 140,000 to 190,000 big data professionals (McKinsey & Company) in the next few years, and more than four million IT jobs worldwide will be needed to support big data.”

But it’s not just data scientists, statisticians or geeks that are needed – it’s not a question of ‘how do we turn this data into information’ the question will be ‘how do we turn this data into knowledge?’

And that requires a lot of creativity, innovation and forward looking management.

Smart Planet quotes an interview from Booz Allen to explain who these people might be “for example, music majors offer “amazing creativity and quantitative skills,” Sullivan is quoted as saying. They may be effective at “mashing together data in much the same way that composers might experiment with combinations of instruments.”

An example that Smart Planet used from Booz Allen was a airline company who profitably mashed “data on schedules, routes, fares, destinations and historical passenger loads together with sports schedules, convention dates, school seasonality, people movement by age segment, and social media data.”

Smart Planet summed it up for companies that want to take the opportunities that big data presents “ultimately, a successful data-driven culture does not come from simply having a lot of data — rather, it’s the product of forward-looking management that is willing to experiment with new uses of its data, and recognizes the power of creativity and innovation.”

My summary of who those new big data people might be.

The mashing of data and the conversion of data into knowledge requires a new type of person in organisations, ones with social and communication skills combined with creativity and innovation – sounds like awesome nerds to me!

Love you awesome nerds.

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