Watching glaciers die

20130815-111536.jpg I watched the movie “Chasing Ice” last night. If you haven’t seen it, the movie is about James Balog’s mission to use time lapse photography to visual communicate the unseen impact that global warming is having on the glaciers around the world. It is a must see movie for anyone and everyone.

The direction of the movie is incredible. It starts off with James Bolag telling the story of what he is going to do – time lapse photograph glaciers. So you start to straight away build up this image in your head of what a timelapse photograph of a glacier would be like. As you are creating this mental image the movie builds up bit by bit this incredible amount of anticipation through the story telling of the journey of the length and struggles that they guys went to to get the cameras in place and recording images.

Videos and images of the calving of the glaciers, the moments when large chunks of ice fall into the sea are incredible. The chunks are the size of 5 football pitches in length.

As the levels of anticipation builds up the movie introduces the impact that humans are having on nature, how we are accelerating the extinction of species and how we must wake up to the impact we are having.

The visuals evoked in your mind are incredible.

The movie draws to it’s conclusion – the presentations that James makes to audience across the US.

James starts his presentations talking about the same story the movie has covered and then he says so lets look at some of the glaciers. The musical score stops or goes quite I can’t remember and then it happens – you watch glaciers die.

Thats the only way I could describe what I was seeing and the feelings I was having.

The story that the movie told of our impact of nature, our acceleration of extinction was swirling through my head as I was watching time lapse photography of glaciers retreating. A lump came up in my throat, that churning feeling in my stomach and the eyes welled up as I saw nature dying – the emotions that the time lapse photography evoked in me was the exact same emotions that you get when you see death.

The time lapse photography animated the glaciers, made them alive and then showed them dying.

Watch the movie, tell your friends, it’s not debatable science or data, it’s real.

I am going to have a showing of it in our Sydney office, let me know if you want to come.

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