Be Part of a Unique Event – Global Cundall Cool Wall 17th Sept

WGBW Sydney 13 - Copy

I have run loads of Cool Wall workshops across the world, all with great success and great feedback –

“great to attend an event that wasn’t ‘death by a thousand slides!’”

“Thanks again for the opportunity to participate.  Very enjoyable and informative!”

“I would definitely attend further cool wall sessions it was a great evening.”

And now to celebrate World Green Building week we are holding 16 Cool Walls on the same day across the globe. It will be a unique one of a kind event and if you come along you will get a free copy of the global results with a commentary from me on the differences between cities, countries and cultures.

The topic will be Sustainable Buildings 2020 and we will explore, vote and prioritise what will define a sustainable building in 2020.

Click here to find out if there is a cool wall near you.

1 Comments on “Be Part of a Unique Event – Global Cundall Cool Wall 17th Sept”

  1. what a brilliant idea! i’m sure it will be a great success and provoke some unexpected thoughts, ideas and connections. can you arrange one near Royan, Charente please?

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