Beautiful photos of abandoned America – loads of natural capital value

I found these amazing photos by Matthew Christopher on a Fast Company Co-Exist article.

The article points out that the abandonment of some of these places has happened over the years as developed countries chased the cheaper alternative of being able to manufacturer stuff in developing countries for a fraction of the price.

They are beautiful in their own right but to me they are beautiful in their natural capital value.

You maybe thinking, hang on these are photos of man made environments not natural environments. Very true, but our natural capital was used In constructing and manufacturing these man made environments.

When they were made we didn’t value natural capital – we were in the economic model of ‘more’ – but things have changed and are continuing to change. We have started to recognise our environment through shifting to a ‘more but with environmental impact’ over the last 20 years.

But it’s our next step to the ‘ecological model’ that will start to value our natural capital. All these buildings were constructed with natural capital – the steel, the concrete, the furniture, everything comes from natural systems.

In the not too distant future we will look at our abandoned buildings and view them as a collection of valuable resources that can be broken down and reused. Regaining the value that they were once proudly built with.

Check out Matthew Christopher site for more photos.

2 Comments on “Beautiful photos of abandoned America – loads of natural capital value”

  1. Good reminder that everything has a natural origin to it. Are you familiar with the work of Edward Burtynsky? Manufactured Landscapes is quite remarkable in its depiction of man-made objects in its naturalistic beauty.

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