How hot will it get? Not for the squeamish

My recent spare time has been tied up writing up the results from Cundall’s awesome World Green Building Week as such my posts have been fairly slim pickings. So a big thank you to the Melbourne Cundallite Ben Cox for sending me this cool yet depressing link to the “how hot will it get?” page from the Guardian.

The cool interactive graphic asks you to put in your age and then depresses you with the how hot it will be when you retire.

In my lifetime so far the temperature has already risen 0.6 degC, when I retire it will likely hit 2 degC hotter than pre-industrial revolution times. If we don’t curb our emissions now, it will get to over 3 degC warmer at the end of my life!

Now, not being easily shocked I thought I would test out what the temperatures would get to by the time by son retires. Not surprisingly it will get hotter if we don’t do anything – roughly 5 degC warmer if we don’t do anything.

And then at the end of my son’s life the average global temperatures will be over 6 degC warmer than pre-industrial revolution times.


Six Degrees Warmer – Want to know what that is like, read this it ain’t pretty.

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