2030 – the great Sydney migration

20131011-072716.jpg Increasing global temperatures through man made climate change have been known and debated and denied by some for a long time. But the question has always been, “how will my city fair?”, well new research published in Nature and covered by The Conversation and The Fifth Estate frighteningly breaks it down by city. And it don’t look pretty for Sydney.

It has long been noted and recorded that animals move as average temperatures shift. I posted about the speed of the natural migration a while ago where on average species are shifting 6m every decade towards the poles, and more recently The Conversation presented the results of some research that looked at the impact on increasing temperatures on animals in far North Queensland. They found that “at least 13 bird species and four species of ringtail possums have moved up the mountains in order to remain at cooler temperatures just as we predicted a decade earlier. Strikingly, their shifts are detectable over just 10 years with only a fraction of the temperature change that we will experience over coming decades”.

The recent research on climate change events has predicted that unprecedented climate change events will occur globally by 2047, but in Sydney these unprecedented climate change events will occur 9 years earlier in 2038 and 2045 for Canberra and Melbourne. So the changes will occur in my working life!

So, our flora and fauna are retreating to higher ground or towards the poles as the average temperatures increase. They aren’t tied down by hope, denial or mortgages they just feel it getting hotter and move. Yesterday hit 39 degC in Sydney, in spring! “It’s official, the past 12 months have been the hottest in Australia for more than a hundred years. Temperatures averaged across Australia between September 2012 and August 2013 were hotter than any year since good records began in 1910. The previous record was held by the 12-month period from February 2005 to January 2006.”

How long will it be before we start to migrate towards the poles ? Will Melbourne and Adelaide be the only habitable cities left in Australia?

Good luck, keep safe and make good choices.

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