Sunday Morning Disruptive Technology – The Ecological Model

20131013-082140.jpg I’ve posted about the new model – the shift from ‘More’ to ‘Better’ a few times now, the need to move away from the green model to the ecological model. I presented my thoughts on it’s impact on the property industry at a recent seminar, you can view it here I start talking at about 44 minutes in. The reason for this Sunday morning post is to let you know about the latest Annie Leonard ‘story of…’ where she talks about the need to shift from ‘more’ to ‘better’.

In the style that you either like to loathe, Annie this time tackles the ‘Story of Solutions‘ and I was quite pleased to see this trend towards the ‘better’ model. She gives a good couple of examples and also explains it in a fairly simple way – which is good.

Annie concludes the presentation with something I can’t stand – take a word and make a statement with each of it’s letters, this time make a statement with each of the letters from GOAL – but and this is a bit but, she makes a very good summary of what the new goal of better is.

Watch the video, read about the ecological model, it’s trending. It is where we are heading.

As President Bill Clinton said recently “I often tell students that it is very important in life to be able to distinguish between the headlines and the trend lines. If the trend lines are bad, all the happy headlines in the world won’t make things come out well. And if the trend lines are not as bad as the headlines, you should wake up every morning full of optimism and be content with the trend lines until the headlines catch up.”

The trend lines are indicating a shift away from the more model to the better model, the headlines will catch up.

And thanks to Bill Clinton this trend line to a better model is letting me wake up every morning full of optimisim. Thanks Bill.

3 Comments on “Sunday Morning Disruptive Technology – The Ecological Model”

  1. morning data junkyfascinating to watch you rather than just hearing about your work.great presentation – too many slides 😉
    very impressed with the assured and knowledgeable manner.liked the information/knowledge the asset value registry idea yours or one you were promoting?

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